The Energy Efficient Brick cladding

We want to take care of our shared environment in many ways. Stofix products are made of recyclable materials: metals, kiln-fired brick and natural stone.



Our brick cladding facade Takes Care of Sustainability

All the production waste is recycled. The Stofix facades have up to 50% smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional brick laying. 

Stofix Group aims to reduce customers’ energy consumption by offering brick facades up to 50% smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional brick laying.

Better Energy Efficiency Without Compromising Looks

With the Stofix brick slip cladding, the energy efficiency of a brick building can be considerably improved. Because Stofix is thinner than traditional brick facade, the same external dimensions allow for more thermal insulation. And with Stofix, there is absolutely no need to compromise on the durability of the facade – quite the opposite.

Energy efficiency and architectural aesthetics are among the strong points of the Stofix facade. This is an advantage in building responsibly for the future of upcoming generations.



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