Comprehensive Service

Our purpose is to give you comprehensive service overall. We plan, design, deliver, train and give technical support through the whole project, with the customer. This way we can guarantee the best possible tailored outcome.

We Provide Training for Installers and Designers

We take good care of every building where the Stofix brick cladding is installed. We control the quality of installation also on sites, where we are not responsible for the job. We provide training for installers and partners. This helps us ensure that the Stofix brick cladding is installed with the same care every time.

We Assist in Planning Your Façade Project so that You Can See How Your Finished Façade Will Look

We assist in planning your façade project so that you can see how your finished façade will look. This gives the customer an opportunity to see the building, while the designer is assisted in choosing the right structural options as well as the surface materials.

Assistance With Structure and Facade Design

We can also provide assistance for structural engineers and architects in designing the details of the building, which helps to reduce the time spent for designing.

Old façade
Model façade


Design of Installation Schedule

Once the decisions about the general appearance and structure of the façade have been made, we will make a diagram of the positioning of the different elements with the Stofix CAD application, which also provides working instructions for installers.

Do You Want More Information?

Would you like to get some more specific information? We are happy to tell you more.